Handcrafted, Custom Jewelry Design that is Truly Unique

You do not need an appointment to begin the custom process, because making your jewelry special is what we love to do, and we do it every day. Come in and let’s talk about your ideas!

For over 40 years, Charlemagne has been at the forefront of custom jewelry design.  Our experience makes it easy to bring your custom ideas to life. Browse our collections for inspiration or bring only your imagination and we will work with you to create the jewelry of your dreams.

Other stores promote their computer skills as a shortcut to designing jewelry, but we believe that old world techniques provide a superior finished product.  That is why we hand carve our wax models from solid blocks of wax instead of pre-formed tubes.  Working face to face with our designers ensures that your ideas are heard and clearly understood before we begin working.

Then, because we create your jewelry from start to finish under one roof, you can be involved in every step of the process.  Starting with idea generation, to the approval of the wax model, through the finished product, your input is valued at every step.  This close work between jeweler and customer assures that every client is satisfied with their custom jewelry – in fact, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the final product or we will remake it.